I spent most of April and May in between the hours of the Arizona sun, planning and working on the Iris wall. Inspired by one of the most beautiful flowers, I decided to start on the other side of the house, opposite the sunflower walls. The block wall outside of the picture window in my dining room was the perfect place for the royal blue, purple and yellow irises. The dimensions of the wall is 16' x 5.5' As an added natural touch, my neighbor Betty's vines are growing wildly above the wall.. The perfect touch. Mother Nature is so generous.....

Instead of using baubles, watches and found objects, I used old plates and tiles supplied by my generous neighbors. There are times I come home from work only to find a box of broken glass or dishes...Sometimes the contributor is unknown....This act of generosity fills my heart. I am grateful beyond words. I used mirror that I found on a construction site when contractors were getting ready to discard some large ones they removed from an old gymnasium. I was in the right place at the right time and had my handy glass cutter with me. One of the workers said 'Little Lady, I dont think you can lift those mirrors'....and I gestured "just lay them down in the grass and I will do the rest'! Little did they know that I just finished cutting down a 12 foot x 6 foot mirror the week before! I left that site with the workers jaws hitting the floor!! I may be little but I am mighty!

My new art assistant, Susie, A lab/sharpei mix that I rescued from the local shelter stood by my side while I worked on the Iris wall....She never tried to eat the thinset or grout even though it looked like peanut butter! She is a rare animal spirit staying by my side while I labored over the walls at all hours. She endured the heat and even woke from her naps to 'inspect' my I dubbed her 'Susie the Art Critic."

On June 1st, the wall was finally complete. Battling the heat, rubbing the tiles until the sweat was pouring off me, and even sharing time with a huge bumble bee the size of a hummingbird that tried to land on my Irises every day at 5:00pm....What more of a compliment could I ask for, than a bumble bee trying to land on one of my mosaic flowers?

Next week, I will begin another wall...I am thinking of Tulips......I have an old photo that I had taken at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens ages ago.....Time to bring it back to life....

Theresa Lillian

On June

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