The Tapestry Project

After working with artist Isaiah Zagar of the Magic Gardens in Philadelphia, my artistic soul was ingnited. I fell in love with mosaics and assemblage. The idea of taking found objects and junk that people would otherwise throw away and then turning them into works of art is something very important to me.

Although Arizona has beautiful desert colors and various styles of art, there are also an overwhelming amount of plain block walls. They can be seen in every yard, house front, garden and all along the busy streets. I thought it would be wondeful to see splashes of color, tiny bits of mirror and tile bring the landscape to life - in a new way. I decided to start in my own backyard and so begins my journey to mosaic 16 block walls (approx 12' x 7'each) and 22 pillars (approx 2' x 7.5').

I am calling the project "Tapestry" inspired by the thought that although we are each unique in our own way, we are also woven together with a common uiversal thread. Like a tapestry, each of the 16 walls will tell a story. They will include found objects, personal belongings and items that have special meaning. I will invite other artists to contribute and give them the opportunity to make their own personal statement through mosaics. I will also invite the community, neighbors and friends to take part in working on some of the walls. I am passionate about being part of others getting in touch with their creative sides. I believe art has the power to transform lives.

My goal for the Tapestry project is that once all the walls are complete, I will offer tours and workshops to raise money for various charities. It is my way of giving back. I will keep track of my experiences through this blog. Come share the journey with me. If you are a mosaic artist and would like to add something special, please contact me.

Theresa Lillian


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